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chrome faucet, cup holders, and soap dispenser
Faucet, Cups, and Soap Dispenser
brass faucet Bathroom faucets are an important element in a bathroom design, so be sure to spend some time finding the right faucets – and possibly matching towel rods – to co-ordinate with the bathroom fixtures, flooring, and other bath accessories.  Some faucets are designed specifically for high pressure or low pressure water systems.  Faucets for high pressure systems often include aerators that restrict the water flow to produce a bubbly flow and reduce splashing.

gold faucet Traditional faucets use a rubber screw-down valve and a rubber washer to control the flow of water.  Newer ceramic disk valve faucets can be turned completely on or off with the flick of a wrist, but they are susceptible to mineral scale damage in hard water areas.  Bathtub and shower faucets often feature thermostatically controlled, anti-scald valves.  Hands-free faucets are more hygienic than traditional faucets because they rely on infrared sensors to control the water flow.

At one time, sinks had separate hot water and cold water faucets, but most faucets today have a single spout serviced by both hot and cold water lines.  Either two separate valves or a single lever may be used to control the flow of hot and cold water, thereby adjusting the temperature of the combined water flow.

Faucets are most often made of brass, then plated with a silver colored metal such as chrome or nickel or with a gold colored metal such as brass or even gold.  Some faucets, and especially faucet handles, have a baked-on enamel or epoxy surface.  Here are some pros and cons of these faucet finishes:

  • Baked Enamel or Epoxy — These easy-clean coatings are available in a wide array of color choices.  However, they may chip or fade, and certain chemicals can cause discoloration.
  • Brass — Antique, satin, or polished brass finished faucets present a classic, traditional appearance.  Titanium brass finishes resist corrosion, scratching, and discoloring.  However, standard brass finishes are subject to corrosion, tarnishing, and scratching.
  • Chrome — Polished chrome is very hard and will not oxidize.  Matte chrome has a softer appearance, but both chrome finishes are durable and easy to clean.  Beware of chrome-coated plastic parts, on which the chrome may peel.
  • Gold — Gold plate has a rich visual appeal, and high quality gold will not tarnish.  However, gold plate finishes are expensive, and their quality varies.  The gold can be damaged if the finish was not sealed by the manufacturer.
  • Nickel — Faucets with brushed, matte, or polished nickel finishes are durable, and they offer an understated, classic appearance.  Nickel and similar metals can be quite expensive, and their quality does vary, depending on the faucet manufacturer.

This bathroom faucets consumer guide features a directory of selected bathroom faucet manufacturers and dealers plus a bathroom remodeling resource to help visitors find local bathroom installers and plumbers.

chrome faucet

Bathroom Faucet Manufacturers

  • American Standard
    Manufacturer of bathroom fixtures and faucets.
  • Kohler Bathroom Products
    This plumbing products manufacturer offers an extensive line of bathroom faucets and accessories.
  • Grohe America
    Bathroom faucet brand used in custom homes and upscale remodeling projects.
  • Delta Faucet
    Innovative faucet designs offer safety features and anti-tarnish finishes.
  • Moen Bathroom Products
    Bathroom suites and collections for the sink, the shower, and matching accessories.
  • Chicago Faucets
    Commercial and residential faucets built to stand the test of time.
  • Price Pfister
    High-quality faucets for tub, shower, and lavatory applications.
  • Danze
    An impressive array of faucets, showerheads and accessories for bath, kitchen, or wherever you might want to add a little splash to your home!
  • Cifial USA
    Traditional, transitional, and contemporary faucet families with different styles and handle options.
  • Brizo Bath
    Designer faucet collection featuring modern style and innovation.

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